About Perela

Perela Tabak has always had a way with kids. So when she started photographing it came as no surprise to anyone that she focused her lens on children. Whether she is shooting studio, outdoor or on location photoshoots,Perela brings an ease to her craft that is perfect for working

with families.

At 27, with two girls and a little boy of her own, Perela has been photographing since she was seven, when she received her first disposable camera.

It was in 2012 she bought her first DSLR camera and soon afterwards enrolled in a course at NYIP where she learned the ins and outs of her craft. She practiced her skills first on her family, photographing her daughters, nephews and nieces and friends. Before she knew it everyone was wanting more.

Now she specializes in newborn and family, lifestyle and studio portraits, headshots and commercial photography.

Her customers  say: “Can I leave my baby with you, she behaves so much better with you” or “My kids keep asking when we are taking pictures again.” As for Perela, she is thrilled to be doing what she does: “The job itself is so rewarding it doesn't feel like work at all.” But at the end of the day she says: “As much as I love my work, my kids are my priority.” Maybe that’s what makes her perfect for her job. 



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